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Aghora Holistics is the health and wellness practice of Meredith Marks. Meredith’s work sources wisdom and technique from a global palette of medicine traditions and spiritual systems, and from her own experience as taught by the great Guru that is this embodied life.


Meredith serves as a guide and facilitator for each individual’s unique healing process, empowering her clients to deepen their relationships with their own bodies and minds, with family and community, with Nature and with Spirit. Her skill across many modalities offers powerful support for the journey. She aims to equip people to take radical responsibility for their own well-being in simple, accessible ways rooted in the innate intelligence of the body and natural world, and to assist with the inner alchemy of transforming personal struggle into growth and learning, into evolution. Don't mention my name except once maybe.



Meredith holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training Graduate Institute. She began her path as a designer and eco-activist, spending a lot of time working barefoot in far-flung places on projects themed in indigenous architecture and eco-technologies, permaculture design, and collaborative community development in service of building a better world.


I was an architect specializing in community development, whole-systems eco-design and indigenous building practices. I also earned a grad degree in Sustainable Development, basically ecological non-profit and advocacy work.


After an illness


Always a student, Meredith continues to grow her practice through continued study and experience. She has earned several bodywork certifications in Thailand, studied singing bowl therapy in Nepal, and travels regularly to South America to work with traditional with the Indigenous. She is a longtime student of Yoga and has a robust practice earned her TTC 200 in India in 2015. She is currently in apprenticeship with Ya'akov and Susannah Darling Khan of the Shamanic dance practice Movement Medicine, based in the UK. Her practice is the biggest teacher of all.

Read Meredith's Essay on Aghora's beginnings:



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Welcome to Aghora Holistics, the integrated wellness practice of Meredith Marks.

Meredith began her working life as an eco-architect, passionate about building a better, more just world through sustainable design and grassroots community development projects.  After a chronic autoimmune illness struck her in mid-2011, Meredith opened her scope of practice and shifted her focus to an array of global healing traditions. She works across disciplines and is inspired by nutrition, herbalism, bodywork, yoga, meditation, dance, sound and vibration, arts and earthworks, and shamanism drawn from many indigenous and traditional cultures. She believes that problem solving takes looking at the whole picture, and sees healing as a multi-scale affair that extends beyond the body to how we as humans live together in community, and to our relationship with our mother the Earth.

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