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Meredith has been providing Kambo ceremonies since mid-2014, after being treated for chronic autoimmune issues and trained by a gifted practitioner in New York City. She has since studied with master practitioner Simon Scott and the Katukina tribe in Acre, Brazil. As needed she integrates Kambo with other therapeutic practices including bodywork, yoga, breathwork, guided visualizations, and sound healing,


Kambo is the poisonous skin secretion of the Giant Monkey Frog, a peaceful creature with no natural predators that lives in the canopy of the Amazon jungle.


Traditionally, Kambo is used by several Amazonian tribes to increase fortitude for hunting. It helps the men run long distances, sharpen their eyesight, and open their intuitive vision to allow them to “know” where to find prey. Kambo has been traditionally used by women to increase fertility and to impart long-lasting strength and wellness, and across gender to improve the body’s healing power in the case of just about any ailment. It’s also applied to cure “Panema”, which translates as a sort of spiritual illness, malaise, depression, or bad luck – to heal emotional and psychological wounds and help a person thrive again, from the heart.


In a Western context there is growing evidence that Kambo is a powerful ally in healing many diseases, including:

  • Depression

  • Migraines

  • Blood circulation problems

  • Lymphatic system problems

  • Autoimmunity

  • Lyme Disease

  • Organ diseases

  • Skin and eye issues

  • Reproductive problems

  • Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS)

  • Hepatitis

  • Cancer

  • Brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s


Kambo is a warrior medicine, an ordeal medicine. It is a medicine of transformation that connects us with the everyday Divine. Aside from its potential benefits for disease, Kambo moves us forward in our spiritual development and can lead us into a journey of profound growth and change in our lives.


1.  Small openings, or “points”, are burned in the top layer of the skin. The Kambo secretion – which has been collected from the frog without harming it and dried on a wooden stick for transport – is reconstituted with water and placed on the points. The Kambo enters the lymphatic system and quickly circulates through the body, it is usually felt within a minute. Songs and musical instruments are used to invite the Kambo in to do its work, or the ceremony can be silent if preferred.

2.  The Kambo venom kicks the immune system into gear and the person begins to feel quite ill as the body starts to deep clean itself. The feeling increases in intensity, accompanied by different forms of purging – there can be shaking, sweating, crying, vocalizing, bowel movements and vomiting as the Kambo helps the body rid itself of a buildup of toxins and emotional/ energetic blockages. Old injuries or places the person is holding trauma may ache as they are cleaned out.

3.  The purge reaches a peak and shortly after the Kambo is removed from the skin, usually after about 20 minutes from the start. It takes about 10-20 minutes for the body to come back to a normal state. Afterwards the person may feel a surge of energy, like they can conquer the world! Other times, they may want to sleep and be introspective, and the benefits of the session may unfold over the next days or weeks. Kambo, many believe, is a living spirit that knows what’s needed for each individual’s healing, thus every ceremony can be expected to be unique and right for that moment.


Kambo is strong medicine and not for everyone - you will be asked about your medical history before booking a session. Some contraindications include:


  • Stroke


  • Medical conditions affecting the heart


  • Organ transplant within 1 year


  • Recovering from a major surgical procedure


  • Pregnancy


  • Serious mental health problem (excluding PTSD, depression and anxiety)


  • Within a month of chemotherapy or radiotherapy


  • Taking immunosuppressants for an organ transplant or autoimmunity


  • Taking prescription drugs (case dependent)


  • Water fasting for more than 12 hours or received an enema within 3 days prior


  • Consumed 5meoDMT (Bufo) in the past month


  • Consumed other strong medicines (San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Mushrooms) or alcohol within the last 48 hours

  • Severe allergies (anaphylactic reaction to bee stings, etc)


  • Aged under 18 or over 70


  • Take some time in the days and weeks before your ceremony to think about what you want to work on and set your intention – even if your intention is simply to open to the guidance of the Frog Spirit!


  • Spend less time with internet and media, more time in nature if possible, and more time alone in quiet space to allow you to perceive what’s going on in your body and mind. Observe your practices – meditation, yoga, whatever gets you centered and grounded.


  • Eat a gentle, healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables for a few days prior (at least), or the diet you’re following for your health needs if it’s working for you.


  • Avoid alcohol and other drugs for a minimum of 48 hours, longer is better. The “cleaner” you come to the ceremony, the easier the purge will be!


  • Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep.


  • Other instructions will be emailed to you in the event of booking.


After a Kambo ceremony, the body and energetic body are healing and re-setting themselves. Be kind with yourself, take it easy even if you feel like you have a ton of energy. Keep an eye on what's going on inside - your thoughts, your feelings, changes you may notice in your body.  Journaling, walking in nature and other introspective activities will help you process and integrate the great shifts in health and consciousness that are the gift of Kambo!


Rap'eh and Sananga are Kambo's sister medicines, serving to beautifully enhance the effects of the Kambo. 


Rap'eh is a shamanic snuff of mapacho (jungle tobacco), sacred tree ash and herbs. Various blends of rap'eh impart different benefits, and are roughly grouped into "masculine" and "feminine" types. Rap'eh cleans and detoxifies the body and energy field, offers spiritual protection, clears ailments of the head and upper respiratory system, and balances the upper chakras. A rap'eh ceremony can be a distinctly communal experience, helping to solidify connection to friends and family and bring out "good vibes" within a group.

Sananga is a liquid made from the bark of a shrub that is dropped into the eyes. A strong burn from the medicine tones the eyes and focuses consciousness inward at the third eye. Regular use of sananga opens spiritual vision and intuition, works on headaches, and is reported to improve physical eyesight.

In the Katukina style, Rap'eh can be applied in strong doses as a powerful cleanser, purgative, and opener of spiritual connection in its own separate ceremony - an experience all its own!

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