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Movement Medicine Apprenticeship, Complete!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Fresh out of this year’s Movement Medicine Long Dance, I am once again in awe of the power of this one-of-a-kind ceremony. For 72 hours straight 180 of us fasted, danced, sang, prayed and healed in honor of all of Life, and (by the way!) raised over £100,000 for a slew of organizations around the world. £34,000 will go to the Pachamama Alliance to support their mission to save the Amazon Rainforest and the Indigenous who call it home. Wow. Big bow to everyone who danced and who donated, amazing, amazing work!

Here’s a piece I wrote about the Long Dance last year.

This ceremony marks the end of my official apprenticeship with Movement Medicine. What a year it’s been! “Transformative” would be a gross understatement. This year I’ve celebrated many triumphs, opened and healed old wounds, owned my fear, pain and rage, seen my vast capacity for joy and connection, become more tender and more tenacious, have come to know myself a few more layers down. I’ve evolved my practice and orientation to life in ways that I’m still wrapping my head around.

Movement Medicine is an embodiment practice out of the UK that’s part dance movement, part shamanism and part neuroscience-inspired psycho/somatic therapy, among other influences from various world healing traditions. It’s a multifaceted, powerful technique that asks us to look both inward to heal ourselves and outward to heal the human collective and the planet. It continues to inspire and impress me the more I learn.

I’m heartened to know that it’s still only the beginning: once an apprentice, always an apprentice so y’all aren’t getting rid of me that easily! As of now I do plan to take the next step and begin training as a teacher in the Professional Training next year, a 3+ year commitment. I feel so much gratitude to have met this work and to be a part of this dynamic community of heartful, talented people. I’m blessed to be walking beside you all.


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