Mixed-media medicine for Body, Spirit and Planet. 

Wisdom and practice sourced worldwide and from within.

Welcome to Aghora Holistics, the integrated wellness practice of Meredith Marks.

Meredith began her working life as an eco-architect, passionate about building a better, more just world through sustainable design and grassroots community development projects.  After a chronic autoimmune illness struck her in mid-2011, Meredith opened her scope of practice and shifted her focus to an array of global healing traditions. She works across disciplines and is inspired by nutrition, herbalism, bodywork, yoga, meditation, dance, sound and vibration, arts and earthworks, and shamanism drawn from many indigenous and traditional cultures. She believes that problem solving takes looking at the whole picture, and sees healing as a multi-scale affair that extends beyond the body to how we as humans live together in community, and to our relationship with our mother the Earth.

CURRENT BASE:   Budapest, Hungary

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A short list of current offerings by Aghora

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(includes Rap’eh sacred snuff and Sananga eyedrops)

Kambo is warrior medicine from the skin secretion of the Giant Monkey Frog, practiced traditionally by a number of

tribes living in the Amazon jungle. It causes a deep purge, powerfully detoxifying the body and energy field and clearing the way for the body's own natural healing process to unfold.


For more information, please see Aghora's Kambo site:

Individual ceremony

Course of 3 ceremonies

Private group (2-6 people)

Open group (2-6 people)


(Includes Sananga)

Strong doses of Rap'eh, a shamanic snuff of mapacho (jungle tobacco), sacred tree ash and herbs, are administered to clean and detoxify the body and energy field, solidify connection to friends and family, offer spiritual protection, clear ailments of the head and upper respiratory system, and balance the upper chakras.

Individual ceremony

Private/open group (2-20 people)


A unique intuitive bodywork session, tailored exactly to what your body needs in the moment. Draws from 10+ years of practical experience, utilizing technique from Tui na/acupressure, traditional Thai, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage massage, occasionally aromatherapy and guided visualizations. Rocking and shaking are used to open up body blockages,tapping into the healing vibrational energy of Source.

1.5/2 hr



Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal massage in the Daoist/Chinese Medicine tradition, stimulates and detoxifies the internal organs on the physical level and works energetically to clear emotional blockages and traumas we hold in the landscape of the gut. This treatment strengthens the digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, urinary, immune, nervous,

and reproductive systems for benefits to total health.

1/1.5 hr

½ hr (only available as add-on to other treatments)



Rejuvenation for the face, head, neck, and shoulders, this massage works into the joints and soft tissue to relieve pressure, open blockages and drain lymphatic fluid from the head. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and under-eye circles and give the skin a youthful, glowing look, as well as relieving headaches, sinus problems and other issues with the head and neck.

1 hr

½ hr (only available as add-on to other treatments)


Medicinal grade Tibetan singing bowls, chosen for their particular harmonization with healing frequencies found in the natural world, are laid on and around the body. They are struck to create a gentle "bath" of sound and vibration that cleanses the energy field and aligns the body's energy centers. Refreshing, deeply relaxing and supportive for healing all manner of physical, psychological and spiritual ailments.

For more information on this unique treatment, visit www.soundplanetarium.com

1/1.5 hr


A practice centered on Hatha, Classical Tantra, and Yin Yoga designed for cleansing, healing, releasing and getting in touch with the body's innate intelligence. Classes incorporate asana practice with breathwork, yoga nidra visualizations, yoga philosophy, mantra singing and technique from diverse traditions in movement and meditation such as ecstatic dance and shamanic journeying.

Meredith has studied yoga in India and the USA and is a certified RYT-200. She is currently in apprenticeship with Ya'akov and Susannah Darling Khan of Movement Medicine: www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com


Private session (1/1.5/2 hr)

Private group (1/1.5/2 hr)