We look forward to holding our third WV retreat as soon as the pandemic allows.

Please stay tuned for dates!

Wild Vision

Kambo + Movement Retreat

Join us for an integrative weekend retreat to witness your inner self, release, transform, and move forward with new inspiration.


We’ll begin our journey on Friday evening with the medicine of dance movement to explore inner space, clear our energetic bodies and set personal intention for the weekend’s work. Our dance will be accompanied by live Djembe music.

We’ll sit in ceremony on Saturday morning with the warrior medicine Kambo, a powerful detoxifier and energetic mover for the body, mind, and spirit. In the evening we’ll sit with Rap’eh and Sananga, sacred tobacco snuff and plant spirit eyedrops that offer protection and open spiritual vision.


For more information on Kambo, Rap’eh and Sananga, visit Aghora’s Kambo page:


Through the days and nights we'll tend a sacred fire. During downtime we’ll rest and recharge in the gentle, emerald green forests of western Belgium. There will be opportunity to walk in nature and visit a beautiful river or to take some solitude.


Massage sessions will be available on Saturday afternoon, to further open up the body and release what’s in motion inside.


On Sunday a final dance session will lead us through integration of the experiences we’ve gained, and prepare us for re-entering the world and our daily lives with fresh insight.


This is a small workshop with plenty of individual attention, especially important to go deep and be well supported in Kambo ceremony. Maximum 12 participants.


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245 Euros.

If you refer a friend, both of you receive a 25 Euro discount!



Handmade, organic, dairy/sugar/gluten free meals will be provided for a fee of 45 Euros. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary restrictions.


Sessions with Meredith may be booked on Saturday afternoon - more information about her work is available here. Please ask in advance if you'd like a session, space is limited.

30 min:  30 Euro. 



For inquiries and booking, contact Cindy at kambobliss@gmail.com


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your purpose for attending Wild Vision. Include anything about your medical history necessary for us to know – you may also be asked to fill out a medical form or to provide more information.



Participants will sleep communally in our yurt (pictured below) as included in the workshop fee, you will need to bring a mat and sleeping bag/blankets. There are a few spots on the grounds for private tents, please let us know if you’re interested in one – first come, first served.


PRIVATE ROOMS:  There are a few private rooms in the main house available for an extra fee of 50 Euros for the weekend – also first come, first served.


GITE:  It may be possible to rent out a lovely nearby gite (government run hostel) for the group – the cost is 360 Euros for the weekend and it can sleep up to 12 people. If there’s enough interest from participants we can look into organizing this.  http://forestaille.simplesite.com/


Our location in Sars-la-buissière, Belgium



Friday, June 7

16 - 17h:  Check in

18h:  Opening circle, light snack

20 - 22h:  "Dancing your Intention" ecstatic dance session

(Live djembe by Jeremy Tomasck)

Saturday, June 8

8h:  Kambo ceremony, light meal after

12h:  Lazy afternoon - optional river + forest walk, massages

18h:  Dinner

20h:  Rap'eh ceremony with sananga

Sunday, June 9

9h:  Light breakfast

10:30h:  "Integration through Movement" ecstatic dance + art session

13h:  Lunch

14 - 16h:  Sharing circle and closing ceremony

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Founder + Practitioner

Kambo Bliss



Founder + Practitioner

Aghora Holistics



Cindy has felt deeply in touch with the beneficial vibration of nature from childhood. She considers her life to have been a course of research into vital energy and connecting to one’s true potential, discovering aliveness and unity with all living creatures.


Cindy began her healing path more than 20 years ago, first through artistic expression and study in the field of art therapy, then with plant medicines. With the help of these allies she overcame several diseases including depression, addiction, tinnitus, and the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s. Ever since, Cindy has co-created her path in partnership with the medicines of the Amazon. She has logged over 500 Grandmother ceremonies, has dieted many teacher plants, and has been facilitating in ceremony for 4 years. After completely falling in love with Kambo, she has trained with Western teachers and the Matsés tribe of Peru.


Cindy loves to explore healing dance as a tool to help integrate and manifest the teachings of the medicines in daily life. She is currently in apprenticeship with Movement Medicine, a shamanic dance practice from the UK.

Meredith has spent many years studying and practicing in an array of global healing traditions after developing a chronic autoimmune illness in 2011. She works across disciplines and is inspired by nutrition, herbalism, bodywork, yoga, meditation, dance, sound and vibration, arts and earthworks, and shamanism drawn from many indigenous and traditional cultures. She has been providing Kambo ceremonies since 2014 and has studied with master practitioner Simon Scott and the Katukina tribe in Acre, Brazil.


Meredith believes that problem solving takes looking at the whole picture, and sees healing as a multi-scale affair that extends beyond the body to how we as humans live together in community, and to our relationship with our mother the Earth.

To learn more about Aghora, visit our home page:

Participants Say...

I experienced Kambo dance weekend as a very nice weekend, transforming and bringing space. Cindy's loving involvement was like a warm blanket. The dance with live music was superb. The Kambo was accompanied with great care, attention and love so that healing could take place. The massage of Meredith was very enjoyable and tangible from her heart and soul. The whole weekend is a must for everyone. Glad I participated!

- Ingrid

I have been working with the power of Kambo for some time now and I know Cindy and her work in this already longer. I know that I can work with her with full confidence with this  medicine. The weekend Wild Vision was something new for me … certainly a must, the combination of dance, Kambo, the fire and the lovely people accompanied by two experienced ladies on a journey of self discovery is certainly with me. It has given me the strength to pursue my dream and give a new twist to my life, opening a new chapter and let go of an old chapter. I am very grateful! You will see me again ;)

- Jens

…After about an hour's drive (I live in Brussels), I take the exit and soon I meet one cow after another. A warm welcome awaits me at my destination with tasty rose tea. All ingredients are present to make the weekend a success: a sacred fire that we take care of, the river Sambre within walking distance, a piece of forest on top of a hill and pleasant country air in abundance. Not to mention; a fine group of 7 participants in total, with two experienced, extremely competent and super-cool kambo practitioners who will be able to guide us through the various stages throughout the weekend. I'm excited.


During the tour my gaze is distracted by some nicely decorated altars. I have a weakness for subtly designed spaces and so feel immediately at ease. Then I get the honor to be the first to introduce the brand new eco-toilet next to the yurt, and I am here by supported by Cindy who shakes a cheerful rhythm from her rattle. Humor is never far away in this place.


The weekend starts immediately on Friday evening with dance. A special yet ingeniously simple way to dance your intentions, and to add power and integrate immediately into your system. For this first session, Jeremy Tomasck was added to the magical weekend formula; perhaps one of the most talented djembe percussionists you will ever meet. It goes without saying that I am jumping, dancing and gently rocking the yurt with incredible pleasure to the rhythm of his drums.


The next morning the Kambo ceremony takes place, led by Cindy. What strikes me is the serene atmosphere and soft energy in space. Maybe Meredith's singing bowls have something to do with it? Although it must be said that the way the two complement each other throughout the weekend, gives me a comfortable, safe and familiar feeling. After the ceremony it is time to enjoy a fresh, organic, vegan and sugar free feast and many hours of rest in nature. That evening there is a ceremony with rapé and the next day we close the weekend with another dance session. As far as I am concerned, a total package to dream away and a successful elaboration of a refined recipe.


At the start of the weekend, I realized that after an intense summer I was ready for a next chapter, but it felt like there were still some pieces missing to really finish the puzzle. In the course of these days, I have acquired, step by step, dancing and crying, the insights I needed to continue. It can be that simple sometimes, you sign up for a weekend of Wild Vision. I am already looking forward to the next edition in 2019!


In addition to my own dedication, I thank everyone in the group for their support, without them no ceremony. In particular, I would like to thank Cindy and Meredith for making this place possible in time and space and thus giving us the opportunity to do this inner work. Mitakuye Oyasin.

- Karolien