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"Diversity Matters" Speaker Series: Call for Submissions

A group I work with, Movement Medicine Diversity Matters, has just won a small grant to put together an internal event series for Movement Medicine teachers and apprentices (Movement Medicine is the dance/healing movement practice I’ve been studying for several years).

We will be inviting external experts working on different aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion to speak, and are looking to link these issues to us as a community of movement and embodiment practitioners and professionals.

AXIS Dance Company. Oakland, CA, USA

So, we’re looking for names! Have you encountered, read, listened to, or do you know personally anyone who might have something interesting/engaging to present on the subject of diversity and inclusion? We’re looking specifically for people with body-oriented practices whose work relates to social justice and whiteness, racism, indigenous issues, class, gender, sexuality, age, disability, sex work etc.

We’d love to hear about people from non-US/UK contexts as we’re looking to cast a wide net – AND people from the Western world are also welcome submissions!


For your reference:

Movement Medicine Diversity Matters Mission Statement

Diversity Matters exists to support Movement Medicine’s evolution into an ever more radically accessible, inclusive community across divisions of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, different-ability, class, language, religion and all other aspects of identity. Our intention is to weave social justice throughout our somatic practice and the entire structure of our organization. This is a volunteer effort by MM apprentices and professionals, with guidance from independent experts.

In a dance of listening, questioning and real action, we encourage our community’s deepening understanding of how power, privilege, unconscious bias, systemic oppression and identity politics influence our collective social conditions, our individual opportunities and personal well-being.

Through training, events, and other active means we create space for personal reflection, for sensitive and fearless dialogue, for shared learning, care and thriving relationships. We celebrate our differences and center the experiences and needs of the marginalized. We equip people to act in service of justice and healing for themselves and for others, with tools rooted in the wisdom of the body and the power of our practice.

Through partnerships, financial strategies and other avenues we aim to widely enable access to Movement Medicine for marginalized people worldwide. We’re dedicated to the dismantling of our group’s own privilege and to achieving a rich, authentic vision of diversity. Our goal is to realize a Movement Medicine where all people feel wholly supported and seen, and where they can see themselves reflected in this practice and in our community.

This group is open to all Movement Medicine apprentices and professionals.


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