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Fundraising for Paoyhan, Peru: A Success!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I am proud to announce that I will be sending 2150 USD to help the indigenous Shipibo village of Paoyhan, Peru! These funds were raised by selling the collection of telas I bought while I was staying there two years ago.

Mother and daughter embroidering telas in Paoyhan. January 2020.

Telas are traditional tapestries, hand-embroidered with vibrational patterns and visionary imagery, inspired by nature and the Shipibo shamanic realms. They are a spectacular traditional art form, full of magic and jungle energy.

This money is on top of the 2800 USD that went to purchase these telas directly from the artisans, the women of Paoyhan. Money direct to families means they can buy food, clothes, medicine, necessary supplies, and pay school fees for the children.

All in all, 4950 USD has been raised to support Paoyhan. Hooray!

The money will be sent to the local organization Tribal Vision. It’s based in Paoyhan and exists to help the villagers with projects that improve their quality of life. In particular, the funds will be used for:

- The creation of a new website where the women can sell their crafts online

- Medicine for the village

- A Christmas party for the kids in the village

The rest of the money will go to pay school fees for as many children as possible. This is a big deal, as kids often have to drop out of school because of lacking these fees, usually under $100 per year. Not graduating severely limits their future possibilities.

If YOU want to help Paoyhan and also pick up some sweet holiday presents, I just so happen to have a box of telas left. They are gorgeous and everyone who sees them in person absolutely has to have one!

They add big power to an altar, or are beautiful as room decor. Some can be worn as skirts! You can’t go wrong.

Prices range from 15-200 Euro, there’s something for everyone.

100% of profits go to Paoyhan.

Please PM me or email at

More info and a gallery are here. I’m offering a 10% discount for Hungarians and Eastern Europeans from the prices quoted.

Thank you so much!! Or as the Shipibo say, Irake!!

Women of Paoyhan. January 2020.

The original post for this project is here.

A writing about my dietas in Paoyhan is here.

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